The bass clarinet is one of the coolest instruments on the planet. At least… that is what i think. That being said, it does come with it’s own challenges. The look and feel of the instrument could remind you of a saxophone or something in between. Well it is of course a clarinet. But in the past it had me fooled too.

The feeling of holding a bass clarinet, especially on a neck strap can trick you in thinking it’s some kind of tenor saxophone. Resulting in playing saxophone fingerings on a clarinet. In my experience the saxophone C(left hand, middle finger) is one of the more persistent mistakes. That fingering is absolute nonsense on bassclarinet. It also depends on wich octave you’re playing in. The Clarinet does not have an octave key like a saxophone. The register or duodecime key as it is often called jumps up a 12th in the diatonic scale. In other words it jumps up an octave plus a fifth.


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